Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Daycare

Deciding to take your pet to daycare can be challenging because it is true; no one can take care of your pup just like you. If you spend the whole day at work, then maybe it is time to look for a daycare to leave your dog while working.

Puparazzi LA is one of the best dog daycare in California. They offer services like dog boarding, dog training, and dog walking. What should you consider when you are choosing a dog daycare?

Tour the Facilities

Once you have arrived at a dog daycare, ask the owner if you can tour the facility. Please pay attention to things like the environment and its surroundings because you want what is best for your companion. Ensure that it is clean and well sanitized. Ask about safety precautions put in place.

Make Sure Dogs Are Grouped and Separated as It Is Needed

A large dog daycare will group the dogs into different playrooms based on several aspects. The aspects may include the size and the kind of playstyle. You can’t leave two dogs of different sizes to play together.

This should happen when someone is on watch incase the smaller one gets hurt. No matter how large a facility is, you cannot compare it to the field in the park. Grouping and separation are crucial in a doggy daycare to prevent accidents.

Ask About the Number of Staff

Different states have a standard ratio of staff to a dog. The ratio rule is to ensure the team is not overwhelmed by the dogs. When you are choosing a dog daycare, ask the owner about some of the government’s guidelines. Mostly, the ratio of one human to 15 dogs is considered as the safety standard. This is according to a national organization that deals with animal daycare.

Check the Toy Policy

There is no doubt that some dogs are very aggressive. This can be witnessed with those that don’t like to share toys in the facility. Let’s say your dog is the aggressive one; you should alert the daycare owners so that special attention will be given to your dog when it is time to play.


Puparazzi will answer any question that you have regarding your dog’s safety in a doggy daycare. Daycares are brilliant options, especially for pet owners who hate leaving their pets unattended with no one to watch over them. Research to ensure your pet is getting the proper care even when in the daycare. Ask for tips from family and friends before enrolling your pet in any daycare.