Benefits of Using SMS as Marketing Tool

SMS marketing is a texting marketing strategy that organizations and businesses can opt to do in order to communicate to their target audience. Such messages can comprise information or alerts on promos, specials, coupons, among others, specifically sent to highly targeted, opt-in or permission-granted recipients. In this aspect, Textedly is a service provider primarily geared to helping those who need this type of marketing strategy.

The question most people ask about it at this time is “why SMS marketing?” A valid query, isn’t it? A lot of marketing options out there so why choose this form? First off, everyone has a cellphone or other mobile devices that could accept SMS. From young to the old, people have their mobile devices at hand all the time now. Personally, you also make use of SMS to communicate to family and friends. So, how can you make use of this tool effectively for your business? How does it differ from other marketing strategies like email marketing, for instance?

SMS Marketing is a more personal, direct, and effective marketing tool nowadays. But before you make and send your SMS to your prospective customers, make sure that you learn the best way on how to use it to avoid losing customers instead of generating sales as intended. Take time to consider the content of your message. Make it relevant, engaging, and unique.

Here are the benefits and reasons why SMS Marketing is a great tool to generate higher sales and thus, higher income.

SMS are delivered to their intended receivers in an instant. This is highly important for so-called time sensitive messages when response is needed as soon as possible. If you need data for a campaign, for example, immediate response that you can get from SMS is highly valuable, indeed.

Opening rate for SMS is way higher than other forms of traditional and digital marketing. For example, out of five emails sent worldwide, four of them doesn’t get opened. This is a known fact. With SMS, it is different. Usually, text messages are opened, read, and responded to within minutes of its arrival to its recipients. 

Another important aspect is connectivity. Although we are living in modern times when connectivity shouldn’t be an issue but it’s still is. So, when connection issues maybe a problem, SMS is a better marketing option since a basic cellphone and cellular network are the only main tools needed to make it work.

Affordability is another key factor on why SMS marketing is a good bet for many businesses particularly for start-up ones or small scale businesses. Textedly can provide you with all info on how to make and have an effective SMS marketing program.